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Your membership means that the Anza Civic Improvement League can
continue to be an active and vital part of the community.

Your participation and financial support of our community park helps make it available for all to enjoy.  Every member strengthens the League's commitment to maintain the historic Little Red Schoolhouse as well as Minor Park.  Even when you don't have the time to be personally involved, your membership dues and donations assist the actions of other League members who volunteer their time to maintain and improve the facilities. As a community member, you make everything we do possible.

Annual Individual Membership                $15

Annual Family Membership (2 adults)      $25          
Annual Business Membership                 $50

Other Donation of  $ __________

NEW: Membership Credit! Members may credit 100% of their current membership dues toward rental fees during the same time period.

To join or to renew your membership, please print our membership form and return it with your payment as shown on the form.



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